Saturday, September 3, 2022

 I've been pretty neglectful in keeping this blog up-to-date. Lots of excuses ... but, I'll try to do a bit better!

There is a new beta version up. Please give it a run and let me know. I'd like to put a 22.x version up in September.

Anything missing that I've forgotten about?

As always get it at:


Wednesday, September 29, 2021

MMA 21.09 waiting for you!

 After too many days and weeks and months of development version 21.09 is finally up and ready for you!

It's available right now for your creative pleasure. Please get it at:

Kudos, thanks and cheers of wonderment are welcome. Bugs and other thoughts are welcome as well!

This new version has lots of new features and fixes, including:

 - A number of -x options (GROOVES, PRINT variable, CSPLIT and TSPLIT
    for output splitting).
 - A -Djs option to print info from a groove file as JSON.
 - A number of new harmony options.
 - New environment variables MMA_PLUGPATH, MMA_INCPATH & MMA_LIBPATH.
 - A number of documentation fixes.
 - A number of new chord voicing options.
 - More scripting options:  EXISTS, ISDIR and ISFILE.
 - Lots of bug fixes.

For more details please read the CHANGES file in the download.

Have fun Smiley

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

MMA 20.12 Now Available

A stable release, version 20.12, of MMA--Musical MIDI Accompaniment
is available for downloading. In addition to a number of bug fixes,
documentation reviews and optimizations, MMA now features:

 - A number of new macros
 - Change to PLECTRUM track behaviour
 - TEMPO enhancements
 - AFTER enhancements/fixes
 - A number of command line additions (-xABC), (-Djs), etc
 - Added environment variables
 - Minor bug and documentation fixes
 - Other minor enhancements

Please read the file text/CHANGES-20 for a complete list of changes.
MMA is a accompaniment generator -- it creates midi tracks
for a soloist to perform with. User supplied files contain
pattern selections, chords, and MMA directives. For full details
please visit:

If you have any questions or comments, please send
them to:

Monday, April 6, 2020

MMA 20.02a posted

I just posted 20.02a to the website:

Some nice little fixes including a bug in plugins with python3, a plectrum track fix that I call "let those strings ring" and a fix to the midi generation to get the key right. And, the continuing saga of minor fixes, doc clean ups, etc.

This is not a general user update ... I'd love some feedback from users.

Friday, February 21, 2020

MMA 20.02 now online!

I'm pleased to announce that version 20.02 (the palindrome version) is now available. All official downloads are at:

Many thanks to the contributors who have donated code and suggestions!

If you find a weakness, a new wish or a problem, please let me know.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Saturday, October 26, 2019

MMA 19.08b test version

I've posted developer 19.08.b. As always, bash away and let me know if problems. Major changes from 19.08:

    The order of arguments in DEFGROOVE has been reversed. This change makes the actual code reflect the documentation.

    -xNoCredit, -xChords and -xCheckFile have been added. Fun.

    Bunch of debugging, manual fixes, etc.

    Fixed summary to show midi file duration as mm:ss.

    Changed -g message to Skipped from Existing

    The options -xCheckFile and -xChords have been modified from 19.08a. They now take their args separately. No = sign is needed/permitted.

    The code for the zOPTIONS now finds the last chord. The docs for this section (Rests, section 8.4) have been rewritten.

Get it at:

 I've been pretty neglectful in keeping this blog up-to-date. Lots of excuses ... but, I'll try to do a bit better! There is a new b...