Saturday, December 10, 2016

Neat sounds using apreggiate and mallet

I needed a somewhat spooky introduction to a song I'm playing. Here are a few lines which might be of interest with (hopefully) useful comments:

Tempo 80
Keysig Ab  /// important here just for the chord choices

// Set up our solo voice
Begin Solo
    Voice OrchestralHarp
    Articulate 190  // very long sustain
    Harmony 3Above+3Below+38below  // lots of notes
    Arpeggiate Direction=Down Rate=16 Decay=-4
    Mallet Rate=64 Decay=-5
    Octave 5
    Begin Riff

Groove NiteJazzIntro   /// our intro groove. Could be anything

Decresc mf mp 4  /// have volume decrease over 4 bars

1         Fm
2         Dm
3         Gmb5

// Change a bit for the final bar
Begin Solo
  Arpeggiate Direction=Down Rate=43 Decay=-4
  Mallet Rate=32 Decay=-2
  Articulate 200

4         Fdim / F#dim

And, that's all folks. Cut and paste into an editor and run it though MMA. Now, you can play with some of the rates and get your own ethereal sounds.

Have fun!

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