Monday, July 10, 2017

New music and challenges

Now that the way too hot summer is here (we've had about a week of days with the daily high in the 35 to 38C (95 to 100F) range, I've been finding more time to work on some musical pursuits.

I'm relearning the piano accordion. I used to play this when I was in my early teens and, as I recall, I was pretty darned good. Fifty years later I'm not nearly as accomplished on technique ... but I'm a much better musician.  I understand chords, rhythm and melody. So, it's a bit of saw-off. A flute playing friend and I are hoping to put together some French and Latin music. Should be fun.

Of course, I'm still playing lots of saxophone. But, that's not what this blog entry is about.

Learning new music in today's world is so much fun! I've gone though old music books which were getting more than musty. Songs that I never played before I can now look up on YouTube and discover how they really should sound. Then, I create a little MMA file and have a wonderful practice tool.

MMA was originally created for PRACTICE, not performance. And it still does this job amazingly well. But, one can now perform with the MMA MIDI tracks. They really do sound good. MMA really is a great tool.

Let me know what you're doing with MMA. I'd appreciate it.

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