Monday, April 22, 2019

Yet another "final" development release

Sorry fans, I know I promised a new stable series over a year ago. Unfortunately life got in the way. Some minor health issues (mostly solved!), busyness, and a lot of music all contributed to a busy life and, unfortunately, new MMA releases have suffered.

Well, suffer no more! I've just posted a new 16.06 with a "final" extension. Unless someone (most likely me) finds a bug, this will become 19.4 (or 5). Please grab it and take it for a test run!

And, please, please, please ... let me know if you encounter any problems.

Keep playing music ... it will help the world!

Python 2.x support

There will be one more (or two) python 2.x releases, probably this year or early 2020. I'm thinking we should remove 2.x support for MM...