Thursday, March 23, 2017


Don't know how many of you have fooled around with Aria tracks. I certainly have not, other than some examples after I created the beast.

But, I decided to play a bit today. What fun. And, I figured a way to use them in a more creative way (I'll have to add this to the example stuff). Pretty simple:

At the top of a song file, create an Aria (or more than one if you can wrap your brain around this). Something like this:

   Begin Aria
       Voice JazzGuitar
        Volume ..
        Sequence ..
        etc. SEE THE MANUAL

The important thing to notice is the OFF as the final command.

Now, in the song you just need to insert "Aria On" and "Aria Off" where you want/don't want your solo crap.

If you want my song and a larger example, send me a mail!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

MMA on Mac

I had a note the other day from a prospective user who had a Mac system. He was having some problems with installing MMA using the instructions at:

I don't have a Mac, so really can't contribute much to the conversation. But, I'm sure one of my delightful readers can help. Please let me know if that page needs help or needs updating.

Python 2.x support

There will be one more (or two) python 2.x releases, probably this year or early 2020. I'm thinking we should remove 2.x support for MM...