Thursday, December 31, 2015

A new filter?

This is really off the top of my mind (which as I age becomes less and less smart).

But, I'm thinking that it might be cool to have a mechanism which can "trigger" on certain conditions. Much like the current TRIGGER function, but perhaps this could do stuff like:

  - If a certain note (pitch) is played (in a track) it could do a midi function (like WHEEL),
  - Or we might want to delete (or even duplicate?) notes in a certain range,
  - Or what about a certain sequence of notes? (We might be getting into the "real hard to do" realm here).

Some of this might be done with a FILTER command. Others might be an enhancement of the existing TRIGGER.

Anyway, just some thoughts. If you have an idea of how this might be useful (other than an interesting exercise in programming) or how it might be implemented ... leave a comment.

Instead of thinking of stupid stuff like this, I should take my wife out to a New Year party?

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