Saturday, January 21, 2017

MMA in Debian

Got a note earlier today from Anthony Fok the maintainer for MMA in the Debian repositories. He has uploaded version 16.06 and it should be working it's way though in the next short (long?) while.

In the meantime, I checked my repository for Ubuntu 16.10 and, YEAH!!!, MMA 15.12 is there. About a year old, but current enough.

Now, I honestly have no idea how many MMA users there are out there. Looking over my download history from my web site there are more than 200 downloads per month. And via distribution apt's? Who knows. But, all is pretty good as far as I can see.

Now, all you downloaders (and I assume users): Please share what you are doing with the greater community. Send me new grooves. Patches. Ideas.

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