Sunday, February 21, 2016

New version 12.15.a

At some point we have to release our children into the wild world. Here's the latest! A new test version of mma is now available. Lots of new stuff for you guys to break!

    BUGFIX: lots of minor things.
    ENHANCEMENT: Multiple +/- for chord octaves.
    BUGFIX: string compares were wrong.
    BUGFIX: timing issue with plectrum tracks.
    ENHANCEMENT: error/warning messages pretty print.
    NEW: Plugins! RTFM!!!!
    ENHANCEMENT: added chords 7b5(add13) and 7(add13).
    ENHANCEMENT: ChordAdjust adds RESET and concated names. Also new macro $_ChordAdjust.
    CHANGE: Version numbering now inserts a . before minor.
    CHANGE: the HTML docs now include the chord and plugin references.

I think the biggest thing is the plugin support. Please have fun and see how useful this can be. Let me know!

Get it at:

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  1. Just a reminder: This is a very cool release. Please grab it AND don't forget to let me know what you think about the new features!


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