Saturday, February 24, 2018

Harmony works ... and a new command

I've done a bit of testing with the perfect-4 harmonies. Delightful!

And, today, I added a COPYTO command. This is the reverse of COPY and will be quite useful, especially in Begin/End blocks.So, now when creating a track, you can duplicate it at ease. For example:

   Begin Chord
      Octave 5
      Articulate 80
      .... lots more stuff
      Copyto Chord-Quiet

And, alas, Chord and Chord-Quiet will be identical. Now, make some mods to Chord-Quiet and we're off to the races. And, yes, in case you are reading along with the manual in hand, you could have done the same previously by doing:

    Chord-Quiet Copy Chord

But, that is outside of the begin/end block and just looks awkward.

I'll be putting up a beta copy (16.6.b) on the website later this week. Just gotta find some time to finish the docs ... I'm really too damned busy for an old retired fellow these days. Between a few music students, my sax/piano/voice duet, a sax trio, community band, and pit orchestra for a amateur musical ... well, you get the idea. Life is grand!

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