Monday, May 30, 2016

Quarter tone support

I had a request the other day about quarter tone support. Quarter tones are (mostly) used in middle eastern music and are very interesting.

The problem with them is that the western instruments we are used to just don't really support them. Well, MMA to the rescue ... well, sort of.

I hacked out a little plugin which takes a standard Solo RIFF line and parses it into separate tracks with the quarter tones in their own track. Then, during play, the quarter tone track is adjusted.

Using multiple tracks, with some detuned, permits this to work on the majority of existing synths. Even cooler is that it's yet another example of plugins in action.

This is not a finished project. More a proof of concept than anything else. I'm hoping that the fellow who made the original request will run with the code and make really useful. If one of you want to work on this I can put you in touch.

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