Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Server down

My server host is experiencing a DDoS attack. Not just my site, but the entire site's web servers. I have no idea what the issue is ... but my site (and email) as been out of service now for a day or so.

If you have a suggestion for a low-priced web hosting alternative or if you need to contact me please send mail to bobmellowood@gmail.com


  1. And no sooner than one complains ... it appears the server is back up and running. Wow, never thought I'd miss email this much.

    The host promises that they are transferring to a different server farm which has better DDoS protection. Hopefully this will not happen again.

  2. So, this was a very frustrating few days. Server down. Server up. Server down. ... Host promises fix ... no fix.

    So, I moved my site to a different host. It will take a few hours for the dns stuff to propagate though the net, but it's working for me now (6PM PST, May 1). So, if you can't access my site, please wait a few more hours. It's really, really coming :)


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